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Wholesale LECA clay Balls used Plants growing

Short Description:

1. Product name : Expanded clay

LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate) is a aggregate made of expanded clay at average 1200 ℃ in rotary kiln, the

Yielding gases are expanded by thousands of small bubbles as long as this temperature and porosity will appear by many

voids and honeycombs at these round shape aggregates when melted materials become cold. LECA is a manufactured

aggregate which has many advantages compare with natural lightweight aggregate and since 1917 has used under

different brand name in USA and Europe countries.

2.Garden Clay Balls:

Lightweight Expanded Clay pebbles is a great growing medium for all plants. It provides excellent
drainage as well as moisture retention. Use it as a decorative mulch for potted plants, in ground plants, as an
add mix to containers, and as a bottom layer for drainage. It is also widely used in hydroponic growing and is pH neutral. The pores in the stones store water and release water when required therefore providing an excellent environment for root development. Ideal for roses, orchids and all types of fruits and vegetables
Light expanded clay aggregate, also commonly referred to as “grow rock”, is ideal for indoor hydroponic growth because of its neutral properties - Garden clay pebble has no acid or alkaline characteristics.

3. Advantage

LECA has many advantage for agriculture and landscapes, it is used as a growing medium in Hydroponics systems, and

blended with other growing mediums such as soil and peat to improve drainage, retain water during periods of drought,

insulate roots during frost and provide roots with increased oxygen levels promoting very vigorous growth. LECA can mix

with normal sweet soil in order to reduce the weight of plants and landscapes soils.

Product Detail


Product Tags

Product Name Expanded Clay,Clay Balls
Synonyms LECA(Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate),Garden Clay Balls,Red Clay
Materials Clay
Function Light Weight,High Strength,Thermal Insulation,Good Isolation,Anti-corrosion,Low Water Absorption,Antifreeze and Anti-corrosion.etc
Applications 1.Constructions

2.Horticulture Hydroponics


4.Water Treatment

5.Gardening and Sport Turf

Packing 50L PP PE bag,Jumbo bag Or as per customer’s requirements.
MOQ 30 Cubic Meters(one 20’GP)
Sample Free
Quality High content raw material, skilled workers to provide good quality products
Payment Terms TT/LC/DP/Western Union/Money Gram.etc
Delivery Time 15days

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